My name is Peter Kasser.

I have received a devine message about the Coming of the Messiah, the long awaited Saviour, the Redeemer.

Some people call him the Messiah, some others call him Jesus, or Mahdi. Still others call him Kalki, or Maitreya, or the True Man. Or they call him by any other name they choose.

By whatever name you call him (and whatever name he might be using himself), he is one and the same. He is the expected Prince of Peace, the Lord of Justice – the one who will bring Peace and Justice to this world.

For the sake of simplicity, here we call him the Messiah.

Read about the divine message which I received about the Coming of the Messiah.

Messiahin Judaism: a savior who will usher in an age of global peace
Jesusin Christianity: the return of Christ, who will judge humanity and establish eternal peace on earth
Mahdiin Islam: a leader who, at the end of times, will rid the world of injustice and establish a global realm of righteousness
Kalkiin Hinduism: the last incarnation of God Vishnu; he will usher in a Golden Age of peace and harmony
Maitreyain Buddhism: the last and supreme “Enlightened One”, who will teach humanity the right way of living
True Manin Taoism: describes the person who has reached full humanhood