Kharga - Braving Desert Winds

My name is Peter Kasser. I’m a Swiss national, born on 19th February 1949. I did two semesters of medical studies at the University of Basel, and two years of literature and music at the University of Western Australia, Perth.

For most of my life, I worked in the tourism industry, first as a tour leader in Africa and Asia, then as a product manager at the head-office of a big tour operator in Switzerland, with an emphasis on flight purchasing and risk management.

Kasser The Writer

I wrote a few literary books on the topic of artistry, and on the meaning and nature of life. And, in 1998, I launched a website project, www.peace.ch, with the aim of answering the question of what peace really means.

The last few years before my retirement I worked as a private school teacher, while continuing working on various literary and peace-orientated projects.

I’m divorced, with two adult children.

Since 2014, I’m on a 9-year trip all around the world, starting off (and hopefully ending, after nine years of non-stop travelling) in Dakar/Senegal.

Ifni Cheers