Peace Days

Of course, every person is totally free to prepare in his own way for the Coming of the Messiah.

However, I think it would be wise and helpful if humanity at large demonstrates its willingness and its interest to receive the Messiah in this world – in a big way, publicly, for everybody to see: we are ready!

For this purpose, I think it would be a good idea to organize weekly, or monthly public gatherings all across the globe, where participants confirm their enthusiasm and their preparedness to welcome the Messiah.

As for the exact dates of such gatherings, just as an example, I suggest to use the “Peace Days” of the New World Calendar, which I presented a few years ago (see – alas, in German language). This calendar starts on the day of the vernal equinox (around 20th March) and consists of twelve months of, alternatively, 30 and 31 days duration each. The 31st day of every second month is declared “Peace Day”.

In the next few years, such Peace Days occur on the following dates:

19th May 202019th May 202119th May 202219th May 2023
19th Jul 202019th Jul 202119th Jul 202219th Jul 2023
18th Sep 202018th Sep 202118th Sep 202218th Sep 2023
18th Nov 202018th Nov 202118th Nov 202218th Nov 2023
18th Jan 202118th Jan 202218th Jan 202318th Jan 2024
19th Mar 2024
(Please note: The year 2023/24, according to the rules of the New World Calendar, is a leap year, with a total of 366 days – meaning that the twelfth month has 31 days, including a “Peace Day” as the very last day of the year.)

New Yundum