The Message

This is the message which I had received from divine sources, about the Coming of the Messiah, the promised Mehdi:

The Messiah is alive. He dwells among us. At a time of his choosing, he will reveal himself to us.

And the message makes it very clear that the Messiah is not coming in the name of any particular religion (in fact, he will declare an end to all religions): he is coming in the name of peace and justice:

The Messiah will come as Prince of Peace and Judge of the World. He will judge humanity and each and every one of us in the name of peace and justice. He will weigh our merits and demerits against each other, in favour or to the disadvantage of peace and justice, and then he will pass judgement.

This message lay hidden in me since my earliest days. Over the years it revealed itself to me, became increasingly clear – I had no power to resist it.

I had received this divine message with the mission of communicating it to humanity. This is what I’m doing here and now.

Kazan-Temple Of All Religions